Winter Garden Tasks For Spring Success

As fall winds down, so does the garden. Few things are sadder for gardeners than realizing the season is just about over. That does not mean there is nothing that needs taken care of though. Knocking out a few important tasks now will give your garden a head start in the spring.

Winter Garden Tasks Winter Garden Task 1: Clean Up Dead Plants

Removing the annual plants that have died and cutting back perennials that have died back not only makes the garden look tidier, but it also helps prevent problems next season. Some damaging insects actually lay eggs on the plants to hatch next season and begin causing problems all over again. Removing the plants and disposing of them is one option. Another option is to dig a trench and bury them. Doing this method adds organic matter to your garden soil, improving its overall health.

Winter Garden Task 2: Improve The Soil

Most people believe that tilling the garden in the spring is a right of passage. However, tilling with organic matter and other amendments in the fall means that it will have more time to improve the soil and leave you more time to work on the many other jobs that need to be completed in the spring. If you decided to till in the fall, you might want to cover the garden with a sheet of plastic to help prevent the organic matter from being washed away. This also has the benefit of killing any weed seeds or insect eggs that may be in the garden.

Winter Garden Task 3:Top Off The Mulch

Winter Garden Tasks The fibrous and sensitive roots of most ornamental plants live right near the surface. This means that when it is cold or dry outside, these important root systems can become damaged. Adding a light layer of mulch can help protect them. This also prevents heaving from freeze-thaw activity.

One More Thought

Please remember our feathered friends during the winter by keeping bird feeders and bird baths full. 


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