Let’s Get Some Color Into The Garden!

It has been a long hard winter and we are all itching to get some color into our gardens. Before you run out to the nursery and load up on annuals, but beware, there is still a danger of frost and cold nights in our area which could kill some of the annuals nurseries are showing. Remember, it is the nursery’s goal to sell plants, even if it is not quite safe yet. For many areas, the last frost “safe date” is not until the first week of May. Any date before then, there is a risk.

But, don’t give up hope yet. There are some plants that are tough enough and that can be planted with minimal risk. Here are 5 spring annuals that can be put in the ground now in many areas of the country.



Always a reliable annual for cool seasons. They come in a wide variety of colors and combining several colors together always make for a nice showing. One word to the wise, deer love them. If you are going to plant them and have deer, you will need to put a net over them or apply Deer Scram around them.







This carnation family member offers several color options and are extremely hardy. They are a member of the Carnation family. They also tend to perennialize which mean they can brighten your spring for years to come.






This spectacular annual is available in a wide variety of colors, the prettiest being in the pastel colors. They offer a little more height than some of the other options. Deer do not eat!





Sweet Alyssum

A low growing annual that is perfect for borders or planting among rocks. It is typically available in white, pink and lavender.







Technically in the Pansy family but worthy of their own mention. They are also available in a wide range of colors. The flowers are typically smaller than Pansies.




There you have it, 5 annuals that can take our cold nights and add perfect color to brighten your garden. Get out there and enjoy!


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