Easy Garden Resolutions You Will Want To Keep

In the interest of honesty, not all of these items are truly only garden resolutions but they will make the world a better place. They are also easy resolutions to keep, not like going to the gym or keeping to a diet, not that we don’t encourage you to do those things as well.

Garden ResolutionsStart Composting

Composting is easy, reduces waste, and gives you back great soil to put back in the garden. Why send garden and food waste to a landfill, which would waste fuel, emit pollution, and take up valuable space, when you can keep it cleanly tucked away in a corner of your property and re-use it for good. Composting is easy. Check out our blog post Composting 101 for instructions.


Use Native Plants

There are so many benefits to using native plants. Chief among them is that they are very tough and resilient. They also look good, have less pest problems and are easy to care for. This all makes sense because native plants are adapted to the local environment. Besides all else, native plants provide food and shelter to wildlife. Check out our blog Our Favorite Native Plants for a list of some species you may want to try.



Plant A Pollinator Garden

Want to see more butterflies and birds, not to mention giving them and other pollinators a much needed helping hand? Then plant a pollinator garden. The bottom line is that we need more pollinators in order to produce the food we eat. Planting pollinator plants helps increase this activity. Plus, pollinator plants are beautiful. Some varieties to consider include coneflowers, salvias and sunflowers.


Grow Your Own Vegetables

Now here is something that is both good for the environment and great for your health. Who doesn’t love fresh vegetables and fruits? Not only is the fresh food good for you, being out in fresh air and working with soil is good for your health and soul. One other huge benefit, it is a great activity and learning experience for children. Our blog Building A Simple Raised Planter will give you a good head start.


Recycle and Upcycle

We love to recycle, and upcycle! Anything we can keep out of the landfill is a plus. Plastics, cans, bottles, paper, food waste, tires, pallets and on and on and on. Upcycling not only keeps items out of the landfill, it gives them another use. Items that can be donated for someone else to use gives them a new life and can benefit others.




Growing Better Gardeners is not just our tagline, it is our mission.

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