This year’s garden trend predictions run along a theme we never could have envisioned, pandemic inspired. The pandemic has certainly changed the way we all live. Now, it has also influenced some new trends in gardening. From creating quiet escapes to ways to new hobbies, we can’t wait to see what 2021 brings.

 5 Garden Trends To Look Forward To In 2021EdibleScaping

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that self-reliance is a good thing. Growing ones own food took off in 2020 and we expect it to be even more popular in 2021. People wanted to provide healthy food for their family, make less trips to the grocery store and, lets face it, needed something to keep themselves busy. Many turned to gardening, and many of those specifically turned to food gardening. And, surprise surprise, they liked it.

Fire Pits Galore

Spending more time at home and the inability to be entertained elsewhere, people sought fire pits like never before. Both gas and wood burning fire pits saw a huge uptick in 2020 and we see every reason to believe that this trend will continue to be hot (pun intended). Homeowners saw the value in spending time with their loved ones around fire pits on nice evenings. In 2021, we are hoping they can safely include friends as well.

Natives Among Us

Native plants have been on our lists before, and with good reason. Native plants are those plants that naturally occur in a given region. They have adapted to the climate and soils where they naturally occur. They are also important sources of nectar, pollen and food for all types of wildlife. Generally, they require less watering, fertilizing and have fewer pest issues.  5 Garden Trends To Look Forward To In 2021Many are also quite beautiful. RightPlantz has a list of some of our favorite native plants at 11 Native Plants You Need In Your Garden

Artificial Turf

It may seem odd to list artificial turf right after native plants, but here us out. Artificial turf will continue to gain popularity for those situations where a lawn of real turf simply will not do well due to light conditions, availability of water and soil structure.  Artificial turf may be the correct answer. Real turf does a lot of good for the environment such as filtering rainwater, reducing carbon and cooling the air, but it also has some negative aspects such as mowing (gas mowers emit pollution and noise), fertilizers and potentially pesticides. If the kiddo’s want a place to play, perhaps artificial turf is a good solution.

Small Space, Happy Places

Where as “She Sheds” and “He Sheds” have been popular, look out for small spaces. Small space gardening has always been popular in urban properties, now they are finding their way to suburban spaces as well. Creating small garden spaces within larger landscapes is another pandemic effect. Sometimes you just need a quiet place to escape to in order to think and breathe. Look for tiny gardens to be very popular in 2021.


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