Groundcovers Can Solve A Lot Of Garden Problems

Large open area in a garden bed, steep slopes and shady areas under trees can all be problem areas for gardeners. If used correctly, groundcovers do a lot more too:

  • Help control weeds
  • Prevent erosion
  • Minimize evaporation
  • Keep soil temperature constant
  • Attract pollinators

Traditionally, there have been a few lackluster plant species for gardeners to consider. While these are still the work horses, there are plenty of other fantastic groundcovers to consider. Here are some of our favorites.

Sweet Woodruff – Galium odoratum

RightPlantz: Fantastic Groundcovers For Shade

Sweet Woodruff is a wonderful groundcover for shady spots. It is fragrant and smells like fresh mown hay when the leaves are crushed. This is one plant that isn’t prone to invasiveness and tends to form well-mannered clumps.




Variegated Bishop’s Weed – Aegopodium podagraria ‘Variegatum’

RightPlantz: Fantastic Groundcovers For Shade

Fast spreading Variegated Bishop’s Weed will thrive where most other shade plants fail. Because it is so vigorous, it’s best suited for shaded slopes or other areas where it has plenty of room to roam. It’s variegated foliage will brighten even the darkest garden areas.



Creeping Thyme – Thymus serpyllum

RightPlantz: Fantastic Groundcovers For Shade

Enjoy the fresh smell of thyme underfoot in your garden. This easy-to-grow groundcover offers fragrant foliage and pink or white flowers in spring or summer.




Bugle Weed – Ajuga reptans ‘Bronze Beauty’

RightPlantz: Fantastic Groundcovers For Shade

An excellent spreading groundcover featuring deep blue flower spikes and attractive contrasting bronze-tinged foliage. Forms a dense, carpet-like mat, even in shady areas!





Creeping Jenny – Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’

RightPlantz: Fantastic Groundcovers For Shade

Creeping Jenny is a superb choice for adding color to shade, thanks to its golden foliage. This is a fast-spreading plant perfect for covering lots of ground.




Lily-of-the-Valley – Convallaria majalis

RightPlantz: Fantastic Groundcovers For Shade

Beautifully fragrant, lily-of-the-valley is one of the easiest groundcovers to grow. It’s perfect in the shady spot off the patio or under the big tree in the backyard. It can be a vigorous spreader.









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