Ready of not, here they come. Brood IX, the big one. This group of Cicadas has been in the ground for 17 years and they are ready to emerge and destroy the landscape! Not really.

In reality, they will emerge, mate, lay their eggs, and die. Not much of a lie, but that is nature.

RightPlantz Things To Know About Cicadas and GardeningThere will be a lot of Cicadas in this brood. The last time this brood emerged was 2003 and it was quite a spectacle. Here are 6 thing you will want to know about Cicadas this go-around.

Do All Cicadas Stay Underground For 17 Years?

They do not. How long a Cicada stays underground is dependent upon which variety of Cicada it is. The can stay underground anywhere from 2 to 17 years. Each variety has a specific number of years it stays underground.

What Are Cicadas Doing When They Underground?

It was once thought that Cicadas were sleeping or hibernating when underground. This has been found to not be true. They are actively tunneling and feeding on plant roots.

Is There More Than One Specie Of Cicadas?

Yes. In fact there are over 190 varieties of Cicadas in North America, and 3,390 varieties across the globe.

RightPlantz Things To Know About Cicadas and GardeningWhat Damage Will Cicadas Do To Garden Plants?

Cicadas cause damage to plant branches when the female creates a groove with her oviposister. She then lays eggs in the groove. The groove protects the eggs and the young Cicadas, and provides them with plant juices.

The grooves can kill the branches from the groove itself out to the tip of the branch. The leaves on the branch will turn brown. When this occurs it is cause flagging.

Cicadas to not eat leaves.

Is There Anyway To Prevent Cicada Damage To My Plants?

It may be possible to protect some trees with netting, it is probably not realistic to protect all trees, or even mature trees on a property. It is possible to protect shrubs with netting if that is a concern.

Are Cicadas Dangerous To My Pets

They are not! Dogs will enjoy eating them but will soon tire of the flavor. Cicadas are a good source of protein for them. Cats, being cats, will consider the Cicadas play toys.


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