Your Will Love These 7 Flowering Shrubs In Your Garden

Flowering shrubs offer not only a blast of color, but also delightful fragrances to fill your garden. They brighten your day and provide something to look forward to all year. They also provide a gorgeous backdrop to annuals and perennials. Our list of the 7  flowering shrubs perfect  is a compilation of tried and true plants that will love to have in your garden. Enjoy them!

Endless Summer Hydrangea

Hydrangea-macrophylla-Endless-Summer (The Beach Boys had it right. Summer should last forever. With the Endless Summer Hydrangea, it practically does! Pretty pink, bright lavender, vivid blue. Does it get any better? This Hydrangea will re-bloom for most of the season.

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Korean Spice Viburnum

Someone once said that a garden without a Viburnum is like a meal without wine. Say no more! This fragrant Viburnum should be planted where it can be enjoyed. This medium sized shrub has a lot to offer; pink, fragrant blooms in spring, red berries in fall, and leaves that turn burgundy before they drop off for winter. One more benefit, birds love the berries and deer do not eat the foliage!

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Blue Mist Plant

This little beauty goes by several other names; Blue Beard, Blue Spirea or Blue Mist. Whatever you call it, it is a wonderful plant to have in your garden. Small and airy with powder blue flowers in late summer, the Blue Mist Plant will not let you down. Bonus: It attracts butterflies!

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Butterfly Bush

Available in hues of purple, lavender, blue, pink, and white. And it’s deliciously fragrant, with a fruity scent that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds like crazy. It prefers full sun and well-drained soil and will grow to 10 feet tall. Great for natural borders

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Knock Out Rose

Flowering Shrubs for Montgomery County, MDThe name says it all, they are a knockout! Available in red and pink, these roses bloom all season and without damage from most pests and diseases. They also do not require deadheading so they are easy to care for. Use them in large groupings for a great show. Full sun, of course. Expects season-long color.

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Anthony Waterer Spirea

Flowering Shrubs for Montgomery County, MDOne of the best summer bloomers. This spirea can be counted on to produce lots of bright pink flowers for almost the entire summer. Its compact form makes it great to use in just about any full sun garden or perennial row. As an added treat, its foliage turns reddish in the fall. It also attracts lots of butterflies.

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Nothing says spring like the bright yellow blooms of the Forsythia. Not much bothers this easy going shrub but it does get large. Best used as a hedgerow where it can just do its thing. Great yellow fall color.      

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