Spring is, perhaps, the most glorious time in the garden. Having dependable perennials that pop-up every year after year is the best way to assure that your garden is full of color and life.

Perennials ae plants that live more than two years. Most die back to the ground in late fall, remaining dormant during the winter. They arise out of the ground anew each spring ready to start the cycle over. Perennials are a good investment for the garden because they bring blooms for years without need of replacement or much work.

Our list below presents some of the easiest spring blooming perennials you can add to your garden this season.

RightPlantz Hot Perennials That Bloom In Spring

Blue Moon Woodland Phlox

Phlox divaricata ‘Blue Moon’

Stunning lavender flowers that are sure to put a smile on your face. They are so happy looking! This is a compact variety that grows 6”-12” tall. Use in partial shade in the fronts of border gardens or native gardens. Blue Moon is great for attracting bees and butterflies.


RightPlantz Hot Perennials That Bloom In Spring

Clementine Salmon Rose Columbine

Aquilegia vulgaris ‘Clementine Salmon Rose’

Clementine Salmon Rose is a very unique Columbine with fluffy double flowers on long stems above the foliage. This beautiful perennial looks great in borders and shade garden, is a good pollinator and resistant to deer. What more could you ask?



RightPlantz Hot Perennials That Bloom In SpringBlack Scallop Bugleweed

Ajuga reptans ‘Black Scallop’

Black Scallop may be the groundcover you have been looking for. It hugs the ground as it spreads is deep purple to maroon leaves throughout the garden. Its light lavender to blue flowers rise above the leaves. It is best planted in the shade and is deer resistant.



RightPlantz Hot Perennials That Bloom In SpringRoyal Heritage Hellebore

Helleborus ‘Royal Heritage’

Hellebores welcome the spring by being the first to bloom. This “cup forming” perennial has shades of purple on bright green foliage. It grows in clumps with a height of 12”-24” and a spread of 24”-30”. Hellebores prefer partial shade and are deer tolerant.



RightPlantz Hot Perennials That Bloom In SpringCreeping Phlox Scarlet Flame

Scarlet Flame Phlox

This is a fiery perennial! Scarlet Flame has masses of scarlet-red flowers over dark green needle-like foliage. Its mature height is 3’-4’ tall so it is an ideal back row sunny border plant. It is deer resistant, attracts butterflies and can withstand droughts.



RightPlantz Hot Perennials That Bloom In SpringWood Poppy

Stylophorum diphyllum

This beauty is a wild flower native to North America (have we mentioned how much we love native plants?). It thrives in partial to full shade and grows 12”-18” tall. Wood Poppy is perfect for shade gardens and rain gardens.




RightPlantz Hot Perennials That Bloom In Spring

Twinkle Toes Lungwort

Pulmonaria ‘Twinkle Toes’

To be transparent, this is one of Bruce’s favorites. Early bloomer, really interesting leaf patterns and deer leave it alone, what more can you ask. It is best used in partial shade and makes a great border in the front of a garden bed.



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