Get Ready For Fresh Fall Vegetables

By now your summer vegetables are probably fading. Tomato plants are slowing down on producing fruit and the leaves may be showing signs of wilt. Lettuce and other greens are most likely a distant memory. The end of summer can be a depressing time in the vegetable garden.

Fear not. There is no reason that your plot cannot keep producing fresh vegetables for your kitchen. There are quite a few vegetables that can be grown deep into the fall. The even better news is that fall gardening is, in many ways, easier to manage than spring and summer gardens:

  • Less weeds grow in the fall
  • The cool nights kill off many pests
  • Less watering is required

The season can be extended even later into cold weather by gently covering the plants with a light cloth or row cover. Also, a good layer of mulch or straw will protect the tender roots from cold air.

Fall Vegetable Plants To Grow

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