Try These Deer Resistant Perennials In Your Garden

If you are reading this you already know that damage to landscape plants by White Tail Deer has increased dramatically over the last few years. The damage can be devastating. Hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to gardens has occurred. The problem has become worse because of a rising deer populations, encroachment of human’s into the deer’s natural territory and the absence of any predators to keep the deer population in check.

The reality of the matter is that the list of plants deer will eat is constantly changing. It is affected by seasons, plant availability and travel habits of the deer themselves. Plants that deer did not used to eat are now being eaten. No list is perfect and we must keep observing deer’s habits and make adjustments.

That being said, here are 8 deer resistant perennials that we at Allentuck Landscaping Co. have found the deer rarely damage:

Paprika Yarrow – Achillea millefolium ‘Paprika’

Paprika Yarrow opens with spicy-hot color then fades to shades of terra-cotta. The color lasts for many weeks, and if you take the time to deadhead the old flowers, it will continue to bloom from June to October. It grows to 18″ and makes a fantastic dried flowers.

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Moonbeam Tickseed – Coreopsis verticillata ‘Moonbeam’

A splash of sunshine is just what your garden needs, and Moonbeam Tickseed is just the plant to deliver it. Feathery foliage makes this a perennial that is attractive even when not in bloom.

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Hidcote Lavender – Lavendula angustifolia ‘Hidcote’

Lavenders are classic perennials that no garden should be without. Light purple flowers floating above silvery foliage offer a soft, airy feel to the landscape.

Siberian Iris – Iris siberica

Deer tend to ignore all Irisis. The Siberian Iris offers a softer looking foliage than other varieties. An easy variety to care for, use it in masses for a powerful color showing.

Jack Frost Siberian Bugloss – Bunneria macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’

Heart shaped leaves with silver veins, this perennial blooms blue in April-May. A favorite in any garden.

Jacob Cline Bee Balm – Monarda didma ‘Jacob Cline’

A work horse of the perennial garden. Bee Balm is wonderful for attracting bees and butterflies. At 3′ tall, it is sure to be a star in your landscape.

Russian Sage – Perovskia atriplicifolia

A lovely and dependable bloomer, Russian Sage will brighten our garden with its light blue flowers. The vertical branching adds a touch of movement in a light breeze.

Dicentra spectabilis – Bleeding Heart

With a delicate pink flower, this perennial is perfect for shade gardens. Its foliage offers a delightful texture even when the plant is not in bloom.


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