Add These Trees For Small Spaces To Your Garden

Finding the right tree for any garden can be a difficult task let along finding the perfect tree for small spaces. Considering how large some trees can grow to at maturity, finding trees that will remain a manageable size and still offer lots of great features is a wonderful thing. Check out these 8 trees that are simply perfect for small spaces.

Prunus ‘Okame’-  Flowering Cherry


Trees For Small Spaces

With an early bloom than other cherries, Prunus ‘Okame’ features fragrant pink flowers with reddish flower stalks. Leaves turn from bronze red to bright orange in the fall. The reddish brown bark feature horizontal lenticels.

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Aesculus pavia – Red Buckeye


With its spectacular springtime show of deep red flowers, it’s no wonder that the red buckeye is considered “among the most beautiful of any temperate-zone tree.” This stunning ornamental can add a touch of interest to any home

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Cornus Kousa – Kousa Dogwood



Of all the dogwood trees available, Kousa Dogwood may be the most perfect one for small spaces. It has a nice tight, upright form. Its creamy, white flowers appear in late May – mid June which nicely extends the spring bloom season. One of the really nice things about the Kousa Dogwood is that it is resistant to anthracnose disease and borers, both of which affects other dogwoods.

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Lagerstroemia ‘Tonto’ – Tonto Crape Myrtle


A late summer blooming small tree that is sure to light up any landscape. The magenta bloom sits on the end of the trees branches show they are very showy. The tree itself is multi-stem and has an exfoliating bark that is very attractive in winter.

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Acer palmatum – Japanese Maple



There are simply too many Japanese Maple varieties to name but you will be able to find one to fit your needs. This tree’s forms are varied from low and weeping to upright multi-stem. They key attractive feature of Japanese Maples are the fine textured leaves that come in either green or shades or red.

Halesia carolina – Carolina Silverbell


8 Perfect Trees For Small Spaces


Carolina Silverbell is a lovely tree with clean green foliage and an upright spreading habit. In mid- or late spring, hundreds of silvery-white bell-shaped flowers dangle from every branch before foliage emerges. The tree also has attractive bark, unusual four-winged seedpods, and yellow fall color.

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Prunus ‘Snow Fountain’ – Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry


Trees For Small Spaces


This slow-growing cherry  comes in 3 forms; a compact form, naturally weeping form, and a grafted form. Each adds a slightly different look to the garden. It’s flowers fill the tree in the late spring and it turns attractive shades of orange and gold in the fall.

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Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’ – Forest Pansy Redbud


Trees For Small Spaces


This small tree has it all. Most noted for its rose-purple pea-like flowers in the spring. Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’ features purple heart shaped leaves. Showy brown bean like-seed-pods remain throughout the winter.





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