It may be the dead of winter where you are, but not all plants have taken the season off. Many plants put on quite a flowering show during the cold months adding color amongst the skeletons of deciduous plants. Add these plants for much needed brightness during a normally gray time of the year.


Hellebores are a large family of perennial plants with may varieties to choose from. Its bowl-shaped flowers are available in white and varying shades of pink to purple and will last well into the season. Although it is an evergreen perennial, the older foliage often looks tattered and worn by mid-winter and should be pruned off. He new foliage grow in early spring and gives the plant a tropically appearance. When used in mass, the winter flowers look spectacular.

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Winter JasmineWinter Jasmine

As the name may predict, Winter Jasmine is a star of the cold season. Bright yellow flowers appear on long green, arching branches. The plant can be absolutely covered with blossoms. Although it is not fragrant like other Jasmines, it striking color makes up for it.





Snowdrops are one you will want to plant in masses. Their delicate white flowers droop downward and look sort of like bowed heads. Since they are spring bulbs, they need to be planted in the fall. Also a great plant for rock gardens.

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Pansies and Violas

Pansies and violas are some of the most lovely flowers in the garden. Considered a biennial, they will last for at least two seasons. If planted in the early spring, they will grow and bloom until the summer heat burns them out. If planted in the early fall, they will last until spring if the winter is on the mild side. Color selection is huge for these versatile plants.

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Pansies and Violas



Pieris plants start blooming towards the end of the winter with dangling white flowers that resemble little bells. It is a beautiful evergreen shrub and most varieties have red colored new growth, adding to its charm.

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Witch Hazel

The flowers on this shrub appear in February to March, when there is not a lot else going on in the garden. The wispy looking flowers are sure to delight and colors range from yellow to orange to pink.

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Camellias are among gardener’s favorite plants. The flowers are simply elegant in white, pink or red. An evergreen shrub, it needs to live in zone 6 to 10 survive.

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Mahonias are very dramatic looking plants with a course, holly like foliage. The bold, yellow flower resemble clusters of tiny beads. They are followed by a blue fruit later in the season.

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