The RightPlantz Yellow Flowering Perennials Collection

Yellow is the color and of happiness. Yellow signifies freshness, warmth and cheerfulness. Yellow is an attention getting color (think school buses, taxi cabs and traffic signs).

When used in a garden, yellow brightens up even the darkest corner.

One cannot help but smile when surrounded by yellow (think smiley happy face emoji).

If you would like to add some plant sunshine to your garden, consider some of these fantastic and brilliant flowering plants. You will not be disappointed.

Yellow Flowering Perennials


Rudbeckia hirta ‘Prairie Sun’

Why not start this list with an award winner. This stunning perennial will light up any garden. Fantastic as a cut flower, it is a tough and durable plant the blooms mid-summer deep into the fall. Deer tend to not prefer it.



Yellow Flowering Perennials


Lilium ‘Pearl Jennifer’

Add a little height to your perennial garden with Pearl Jennifer. At 2’-3’ tall, it makes the perfect back row plant to soar over your other perennials. Easy to grow, it will fill your garden with color ever summer for years to come.



Yellow Flowering Perennials


Hemerocallis ‘Happy Returns’

Happy Returns is a dependable go-to daylily. A little paler than some of the other yellow daylilies, it will, none the less, provide brilliant color. Use in masses for a powerful display.

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Yellow Flowering Perennials


Aquillea ‘Moonshine’

This is an outstanding perennial. Silvery-grey foliage with a flat lemony flower head. Unlike some other yarrows, Moonshine is a well behaved variety that does not seed and spread like crazy. It simply thrives in full sun.



Yellow Flowering Perennials


Asclepias tuberosa ‘Hello Yellow’

Say hello to a fantastic perennial that will attract butterflies and other pollinators like crazy. Its narrow green leaves are an important food source for Monarch caterpillars. Hello Yellow blooms in late summer, is drought tolerant and is easy to grow.

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Yellow Flowering Perennials


Hypericum calycinum

St. Johns Wort is a widely used and attractive evergreen groundcover. One of the nicest groundcovers when in bloom. Deer resistant, heat tolerant, shade tolerant, low maintenance, beautiful. What more could you ask for out of a plant?

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Yellow Flowering Perennials


Anthemis tinctorial

Golden Chamomile is a dependable perennial that tolerates poor soil. a low neat mound of ferny, green leaves, thin, stiff stems carry creamy-yellow daisies endlessly throughout summer until the frosts. Invaluable in the garden or picked.

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Yellow Flowering Perennials


Helianthus x multiflorus ‘Sunshine Daydream’

With a name like Sunshine Daydream, this is a fitting plant to end our list with. These pincushion flowers appear on top of a 5’-6’ tall plant! A stunning burst of color in June when used in masses. One of the nicest sunflowers.



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