Answers  To The Most Asked Summer Landscape Questions


We get asked a lot of questions about gardening and lawn care (a lot of questions!). Some are very unique and specific to individual situations. Others seem to be repeated a lot. That’s what these questions and answers are all about.

RightPlantz: Common Questions About Caring For Your Summer LandscapeHow often should I water my lawn?

Watering a lawn is important for the grass plants that make it up to thrive, but just as important is watering your lawn correctly. Once the hot, dry season hits, lawns need to be watered about 2-3 times per week, even if it rains a little. If it rains a lot, back off to accommodate.

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What about watering my flower pots?

Flower pots are a special case when it comes to water requirements. Unlike plants that are in garden beds, plants that are in pots are fairly exposed to the elements. Additionally, most soil medias used in potted gardens are designed to drain well. Because of both of these factors, plants in pots dry out very fast. Water flower pots daily. It is recommended to water them until water seeps out the bottom of the pot. Also, make sure you are watering the root system, which actually takes up the water for the plant. Leaves do not absorb water.

What should I do about my spring bulbs?

Your daffodils, tulips and other spring bulbs looked fantastic in the spring. Now what is left is bunches of foliage that is slumping over and making your garden look sloppy. Unfortunately, these leaves play an important role in creating energy for the bulb to use next year. Patience is key here. Wait until the leaves turn brown before cutting them off.

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RightPlantz: Common Questions About Caring For Your Summer Landscape

How should I handle my perennials that look overcrowded?

What a joy it is to see full grown perennials, until they are overgrown. Now your garden looks unruly. Good news! Most perennials can be divided which means you will have a less crowded garden and additional perennials to plant elsewhere or to give to friends as gifts. Perennials such as daylilies, hostas, helleborus and peonies all divide well. Dividing perennials is a simple task.

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When should I prune Azaleas?

Azaleas are a spring blooming shrub. This means that they begin developing flower buds for the following year soon after they complete blooming. Having said that, there is about an eight week window in which it is safe to prune azaleas without risking next year’s blooms. Generally, that means that azaleas can be prune into early August. Of course, if you do not mind missing the flowers next season, they can be pruned at any time.

When should I apply lime to my lawn?

Lime is used to help adjust soil pH into a range (6.0 – 6.5) that turf grass can best utilize available nutrients. This is necessary because our soils are naturally acidic and sometimes go below the acceptable pH range. Lime is not a pesticide nor is it a fertilizer, so it does not cause growth that could be damaged by drought or heat. Therefore, it is safe to apply lime any time of the year when the ground is not frozen. Always have a soil test done before applying lime so the correct amount can be applied.

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