An Outdoor Christmas Tree Will Keep Birds Fed And Happy

As we get deeper into winter, there are fewer sources of food for our fine feather friends. Of course, keeping bird feeders well stocked is one option. Another popular and creative method many use is to decorate an outdoor Christmas tree with tasty treats the birds are sure to love. Not only will it look great, it will attract tons of birds to view as well.

Choose The Right Tree

A lot of people stress over which type of tree to purchase. When creating an outdoor edible tree for birds, it does not necessarily have to have a traditional Christmas tree to decorate. Any tree will work, and even shrubs can have the desired effect.

Birds really won’t be picky when it comes to what kind of tree or bush their treats come on. Pick one that does have plenty of horizontal branches that are widely spaced out. This will keep the ornaments and other decorations from getting overcrowded, give the birds something to sit on, and it will allow them to have enough space to eat.

An evergreen tree will give the birds shelter and will keep the ornaments safe in the event of snow. Ir will also give them cover from potential predators (they are hungry in winter too!).However, it may reduce the amount of space birds have to perch on while they feed, and it could cut down on their access to the food.

An outdoor Christmas tree is an opportunity to bird watch, so choose a tree that is visible from your house.

How To Decorate The Tree

There are so many options when it comes to decorating the tree, one is only limited by one’s creativity. Some of the most popular options are pine cone feeders covered in peanut butter and bird seeds. These are easy for small children to construct, and they give the birds the added nutrition of the peanut butter.

Another idea is to make suet cakes. Suet is a popular treat for backyard birds, and there are numerous types and shapes that can be made.

Constructing simple garlands of cranberries or popcorn and ornaments made of dried fruit can not only be helpful to the wildlife.

Add dried fruits to your ornaments. They will give the birds the vitamins and minerals they crave and need for winter. A wide variety of organic fruits on the tree, such as apples, figs, kiwi slices, citrus slices, starfruit, pears and pineapples will work well.

The nice thing about all of these options is that putting them together can become quality family time!

A Few More Things To Consider

As winter is already upon us, the sooner you create your outdoor Christmas tree the sooner the birds can enjoy and benefit from it. It will also take the birds a little time to actually find your tree.

Don’t forget to make extras. Once the birds find your tree, they will eat the decorations quickly. Having an ample supply of extras on hand will keep the birds coming and well fed for the season.


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