Get Your Lawn Off To A Great Start This Spring

Hit the ground running this spring by getting your lawn off to a great start. Work done in early spring will pay off big dividends later in the year in the form of a stronger, greener and healthier lawn. Add these six important to-dos to your list.

Clean Up

This may sound fairly basic because it is. Pick up the sticks that have fallen over winter and any leaves that have been blown into your yard. Raking the lawn and removing debris will encourage better air flow throughout the turf grass and prevent any disease and insect infestation. It will also allow new grass blades to grow without struggle. Starting with a clean slate is the first step to getting your lawn off to a good start.

Adjust Soil pH

Check the pH of your soil with a soil test kit, available at garden centers and home improvement stores. Turf prefers a pH between 5.5 and 6.5. Any pH outside of the range, grass cannot take up and use all of the nutrients it needs to thrive.  Plants grown in the proper soil pH are healthier, more productive and more resistant to disease and insects.


Jumpstart your lawn from its winter slumber. Spring fertilization provides the spring green up and helps the plant develop strong roots so it can better survive the summer heat and drought. Check with you local extension agent or garden center as to what is the best fertilizer for your area.

Prevent Crabgrass

Crabgrass is the scourge of lawns. Applying a pre-emergent crabgrass control in early spring is very important! Timing is critical as it must be applied prior to the soil temperatures reaching 55-60 degrees. After this point the weed seeds will have begun to germinate and the pre-emergent will no longer be effective. An important thing to note is that crabgrass is VERY difficult to get rid of once it has germinated. Prevent crabgrass before it germinates!

Seed Bare and Weak Areas

Hard rake any bare and week areas of your lawn and then mix in some good topsoil or well composted organic matter. Seed these areas and then cover them with straw. One important note to consider: if you are applying pre-emergent herbicide to prevent crabgrass, skip applying it to these areas or select a product that does not prevent grass seed from germinating. Don’t forget to water your new seedlings.

Tune up The Mower

A good running machine will make your life easier. Take your mower to a professional equipment ship to have the oil and filters changed, checked for leaks and any loose parts tightened down. Most importantly, have the blades either sharpened or replaced. Dull blades tear grass rather than cutting it, damaging the plant and resulting in a poor looking lawn.

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