7 Fall Lawn Care Tips For Your Best Lawn Next Year

Fall lawn care is all about getting your turf ready for next spring. This is the building block time of year for your lawn. What you do now, can assure the lush, green, weed free lawn of your dreams.

Remove The Leaves

A layer of leaves blocks the sunlight from getting through, something the grass blades still need to create photosynthetic energy. Wet RightPlantz: Fall Lawn Care Tipsleaves also tamp down the grass, killing it or promoting fungal disease issues. It is okay, though, to finely shred the leaves which lets them break down and provide nutrients for your lawn without negative effects.

Mow At The Correct Height

Many people are tempted to lower their mower blade height at this time of year to have a crisp looking lawn going into winter. This curtails the root system which can cause your lawn to not have adequate root depth to survive winter temperature changed and lack of moisture. Keep your lawn mowing height at 3”-3.5”.

Adjust The Soil pH

Grass plants can best take advantage of the most nutrients available when the soil pH is between 5.5 and 6.5. Outside this range, even of nutrients are available, grass plants cannot process them. They are wasted. Fall is a great time to correct the soil pH by applying either lime or sulphur, depending upon what your current soil pH. To find this out, purchase a soil test kit at your local garden center or send a soil sample to a testing lab or your local extension service.

Loosen Up The Soil

Soil under lawns gets compacted. Aerating it every year helps to loosen it and allows air and water to better infiltrate to the root system. Aerating also reduces thatch build up, this reducing potential diseases and harmful insects. The easiest way to accomplish this is to rent a core aerator from your local equipment rental company or by engaging a lawn care professional.

Feed The Lawn

Fall is an important time to encourage your lawn’s root system to grow. Apply a lawn fertilizer per your garden center or extension service RightPlantz: Fall Lawn Care Tipsrecommendations to make sure you are applying the correct fertilizer make-up for your area.

Control Weeds

Fall is an ideal time to manage broadleaf perennial weeds.  These are the weeds that have grown deep roots, and will over winter, just to annoy you and ruin your lawn next spring. These include dandelions, clover, plantain and many others. Knock them out now and you will not need to deal with them next year. As with all pesticides, follow the label instructions.

Seed Your Lawn

Grass seed germinates extremely well in the fall and will spend the winter developing its root system. Having a strong root system will help the new grass plants better sustain itself during next summer’s heat and drought.


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