Brighten Your Home Or Office With Growing African Violets

African Violets are an easy to grow and beautiful indoor plant. They are perfect for home or office environments because they can thrive in low humidity and moderate temperatures. They are very reliable bloomers. If cared for correctly, African Violets can live on and bloom for years to come.

Grow Perfect African VioletsLight Requirements For Growing African Violets

African Violets prefer bright but indirect light. Plants grown in too much shade tend to get pale and leggy. For African Violets, light affects flowering so having the proper amount and intensity of light is very important. Also, rotate the plant periodically to make sure all parts of the plant are getting light.

Proper Soil For Growing African Violets

Similar to fertilizers, there are several soil mixes specifically designer for African Violets on the market. African Violets prefer soils that are well draining and slightly acidic. You can make your own soil mix be blending equal parts peat moss, vermiculite and perlite.

Fertilizing African Violets

There are several fertilizers on the market that are labeled specifically for African Violets. The key is to use a fertilizer that is high in phosphorus (the middle number of the fertilizer NPK ratio). Fertilizer can be mixed with water at every watering. Poor flowering or leaf color is an indication of poor fertility.

Grow Perfect African VioletsHow To Water African Violets

African Violets tend to be very finicky about water. Always water the base of the plant, never the leaves. Splashes of water on the leaves can result in spots. It is recommended to grow African Violets in self watering pots that have a reservoir at the bottom from which the plant can draw water. Water temperature should be lukewarm.

Encouraging Flowers

Be sure to pinch fading flowers from the plant. This will encourage the development of new flowers.

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