Proper Watering Is Key To A Successful Overseeding Lawn

RightPlantz: How Often Should I Water A Newly Overseeded Lawn?Fall is the optimal time to reseed a lawn. The cooler temperatures and break from the summer drought create ideal conditions for success. Even with ideal conditions, proper watering is critical to successful overseeding. The following is a recommended watering regimen.

Water heavily immediately after overseeding. This will jump start the seed germination and help bring the seed into better contact with the soil.

For the first 10-14 days (the amount of time it takes for the grass seed to germinate), water lightly daily being sure to soak the first inch of soil.

Back off to fewer waterings (every two or three days) once the grass seed has germinated but be sure to water deeper into the soil. This will encourage deeper root growth.

Always water in the morning. This will allow the grass blades to dry completely, preventing disease issues.

Patience is key. Proper watering will result in better seed germination and a healthier lawn.

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