Japanese Stilt Grass Is One Aggressive Weed


What Is Japanese Stilt Grass


How To Control Japanese Stilt GrassJapanese Stilt Grass (Microstegium vimineum) has become the bane of many gardener’s existence. It is an aggressive spreader, literally taking over acreage when one turns one’s back. It is so aggressive that it squeezes out other plant and actually can change a soil’s structure. It is a threat to both gardens and lawns.

Japanese Stilt Grass is an annual grass meaning that it germinates from seed in the spring and completely dies in the fall. It roots from its nodes, thus allowing it to spread rapidly. It thrives in both sun and shade and can tolerate low mowing.

How To Recognize Japanese Stilt Grass


How To Control Japanese Stilt Grass


Japanese Stilt Grass loosely resembles a low growing bamboo. It is bright green and has silver hairs down the center of its blade; grows to 2’ tall.



Controlling Japanese Stilt Grass


Controlling Japanese Stilt Grass can be a challenging ordeal. Seeds can stay viable for several years. They are sticky and can be spread to other areas on the fur of animals.

There are, however, a few strategies that will help manage this weed:

Because Japanese Stilt Grass is an annual grass, well time pre-emergent herbicides will keep the seeds from germinating. This is challenging, however, because they tend to germinate earlier than crabgrass making effective control of both difficult.

In late summer, gently hand removing plants from the ground or mowing it down can prevent the creation of seed heads. This is a fairly effective way method but can take several years to truly gain control of an area.

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How To Control Japanese Stilt Grass



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