With A Little Care, Roses Will Bloom All Season Long

How To Deadhead RosesRoses are one of the most stunning and romanticized flowers in the garden. They also require a little work to keep fresh blooms coming, namely; deadheading. Deadheading is the practice of pruning off dead roses or fading blossoms in order to promote new ones on the plant. Deadheading rose directs a plant’s energy into stronger growth and therefore more blossoms. Deadheading Roses can be done at any time during the season. Because there are different kinds of rose bushes, pruning is a little different for each type.

Deadhead Tea Roses

Tea Roses generally have one flower per stem. As the flower fades, cut back the stem to a five-leaflet leaf (five small leaves on one leaf stem) that is facing the direction you want the plant to grow. Outwards is usually best. Make the cut slightly above the desired leaflet and at a 45 degree angle.

How To Deadhead RosesDeadhead Floribunda Roses

Floribunda Roses have clusters of flowers per stem. Individual blossoms can be removed from clusters as they fade to better showcase the on-coming blossoms. Once the entire cluster has faded, cut back the stem 6”-9” in the same manner as you would do for the Tea Roses.

Deadhead Climbing Roses

The flower clusters are called trusses, and many people like to leave some in place because they turn into rose hips, which birds enjoy eating.

General Rules For Deadheading Rose Shrubs

  • For all deadheading of rose, or pruning of roses for that matter, use only sharp pruners to avoid unnecessary damage to plant stems.
  • Always remove pruned plant parts from around the plants. Leaving them could cause insect and disease infestations.
  • Always make cuts at a 45 degree angle to prevent water from getting into the stem and causing damage or disease infestation.
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