Dahlias provide heart-stopping and jaw-dropping blooms in a multitude of colors from mid-summer through the fall making them one of the most desirable addition to any garden. The many varieties come in a huge number of sizes and shapes also makes it ideal for cutting and a star of the summer bouquet. From low growing to almost six feet tall, there is a perfect dahlia for any sunny garden.

how to grow dahlias right plantzDahlias are hardy in USAD zones 7-11. In warm climates, dahlias are perennials. In colder climates should be dug up and protected for the winter. The tubers can be stored in in a container of dry sawdust or kitty litter stored in a cool space. They can be replanted in the garden in May.

Requirements For Growing Dahlias


Light: Dahlias require full sun, meaning 4-6 hour of sunshine.

Drainage: The one major requirement to growing Dahlias is that they absolutely require excellent drainage. Dahlias are prone to freezing and/or rotting if planted in heavy clay or poorly drained soil.

Fertilizer: Dahlias are heavy feeders and do best with a regular supply of fertilizer. Begin to apply a water-soluble bloom-type solution about one month before they begin to set buds, and continue feeding every 3 to 4 weeks through the growing season.

Pests: The major pest of Dahlias are slugs. Additionally, deer like Dhalias and will devour them. Be sure to protect plants as needed.

Additional Notes: Because of the height that some Dahlia varieties will grow, staking them will be necessary. Growing Better Gardeners is not just our tagline, it is our mission.


Growing Better Gardeners is not just our tagline, it is our mission.

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