Growing Helleborus – An Early Season Gem

How to Grow HelleborusHelleborus, or Lenten Rose,  are one of the most reliable perennial groups around. These evergreen plants bring an architectural quality to the shady garden. Most bloom in early winter in mild climates and in late winter or very early spring where the ground freezes hard. they are long-lived and provide exquisite blooms at a time when flowers are a scarce delight. They are also dividable which means you can spread them throughout your garden over time.Best of all, deer do not eat them! What more could you ask for.

How To Grow Helleborus


  • Hellebores are at their best in moist, well-drained soil in partial shade.
  • Water well during extended dry periods; they are drought-tolerant once established.

Fertilizer/Soil and pH

  • Hellebores like rich soil. They do be when a lot of organic matter is mixed into the soil.
  • Plants will benefit from a light application of granular, balanced fertilizer in early spring.


  • Watch for slug or snail damage. These can be controlled with baits or diatomaceous earth.


  • Although evergreen, the foliage often looks tattered in early spring. Prune back dead and disfigured foliage before new growth appears.
  • Remove old flower stems when they decline, cutting back to the base of the plant.

End-of-Season Care

  • Do not prune back now; wait until early spring and then prune off tattered and dry looking leaves.
  • An extra layer of mulch will protect the plants through the winter.

Here are some favorite Hellebrous to grow:

Helleborus niger ‘Potters Wheel’How to Grow Helleborus– Christmas Rose

Large white flowers with orange-yellow anthers in January- March.
Height 12-14 inches
Color: White
Zone 5-8



How to Grow HelleborusHelleborus hybridus ‘Pink Lady’ – Lenten Rose

Long-lasting 2-3″ red colored blooms beginning in late winter!
Part shade to full shade
Height: 14-18 in
Color: Pink
Zones 4-9



How to Grow Helleborus

Helleborus orientalis

White to pink cup-shaped flowers
Height: 12-18 in
Color: Pink, White
Zones 4-9



How to Grow Helleborus

Helleborus hybridus ‘White Lady’ – Lenten Rose

Bell shaped white flowers
Height: 12-18 in
Color: White
Zones 4-9




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