Correct  Lawn Watering Is Key To A Lush, Green Lawn

RightPlantz: Lawn Watering Time for another hot summer. Standing out on your lawn with a hose just isn’t enough to have the kind of lawn you desire. Watering correctly will.  Here are 7 things you need to know about watering our lawn:

Water Lawns in the Morning

Early morning watering is the best. It allows your lawn to take up the most water since it will not evaporate in the heat.

Avoid Watering in the Afternoon and Evening

This may seem obvious after the previous point but there is more to it. When watering late in the day the grass may not completely dry before the cooler evening sets in. This is a recipe for fungal growth and that is never a good thing.

Water Lawns Enough

Lawns require 1”- 2” of water per week. This can be done in one long watering but it is best to break it up into two or three waterings.

RightPlantz: Lawn Watering Water Lawns Deeply

Shallow watering does little or no good for your lawn. Deeper, longer waterings encourage the grass roots to grow longer resulting in a lawn that can better survive in stressful times.

Advice For New Lawns

New lawns, whether seeded or sodded, need to be watered more often until the grass is established.

Aim Well

This sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s worth double checking: Aim your sprinklers to water the lawn — not the sidewalk, driveway, patio or street.

Consider Automatic Sprinklers

Automatic sprinklers make your life easier and water more efficiently. They turn on at the right time, run for the correct amount of time, and turn off when done. Also, in most areas, you will not be charged for sewage which is a huge part of you water bill.

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