You Are Going To Love This DIY Project

Want a creative activity to do with the kids or are you just in the fall decorating mood? How about making a gourd planter? There is so much to love about this project and the end results will look great on your front porch, as a table centerpiece or as a thoughtful gift.

What You Need

  • 1-Gourd or Pumpkin at least 12” across
  • 3-5 Assorted Fall Flowers (pansies, chrysanthemums, ornamentail cabbage or kale). Use smaller potted plants to make room for a good assortment).
  • Potting Soil

How To Make Your Festive Fall Gourd Planter

1. Start with a nice sized gourd or pumpkin. Clean the outside surface to remove an dirt. 2. With a sharp knife, carefully cut off the top of the gourd at a spot that will give you a wide enough planting areas. 3. Scoop out the insides of the gourd. 4. Poke a few small drainage holes in the bottom of the gourd. A pencil works well for this.

5. Partially fill the gourd with potting soil.

6. Plant your plants.

7. Fill the voids with more potting soil.


As a creative option, consider using succulents or miniature evergreens.






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