Prune Roses Mid-Summer For Continuous Blooms

There are three main reasons for pruning roses during the growing season:

  1. To promote more blooms
  2. To remove diseased, dying or dead branches
  3. To open up the plant more to encourage better air flow
  4. And perhaps the most important reason, to bring flowers inside.

A lot of people are very afraid to prune roses, but this does not need to be the case. Roses are very forgiving when it comes to pruning, as long as a few very basic rules are followed:

Mid-Summer Rose Pruning Like A ProRules For Mid-Summer Rose Pruning

  1. Use good quality, sharp pruning shears. The cleaner the cut the better. Tears and frayed cuts are more difficult for the plant to heal.
  2. Cut right above a node. A node is where another branch or leaf is located on a stem. This is where the next branch bud will begin to grow.
  3. Try to choose a node that is pointing towards the outside of the plant. By doing this, the branch that develops will also be pointing outside of the plant, leaving the interior open for good air flow.
  4. Clean your pruners after each cut with rubbing alcohol after each. This may sound like a pain in the butt, but it is actually very important. Dipping the pruners in rubbing alcohol will help stop the spread of diseases throughout the rose bush.
  5. Make angle cuts. This will allow water to run off of the cut rather than soak in and rot out the branch.
  6. Do not cover cuts with any sealer or wax. Studies have shown that doing so actually slows the plant’s ability to seal the cut off itself. The rose bush can heal itself quite well on its own.
  7. Clean up all cuttings and leaves. Leaving debris on the ground or on the plant provides a haven for diseases and harmful insects. Remove all debris from the area.


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