Fall is a fantastic time to work in the garden. Cool temperatures, bright sunshine and leaves turning colors make for productive and enjoyable work. Fall is the time to lay the foundation for a successful spring.

RightPlantz Fall Gardening Checklist- Plant Spring BulbsPlant Spring Bulbs

Planting spring bulbs in the fall gives you something to really look forward to in the spring. Too many gardeners have been disappointed when tulips, daffodils and alliums are blooming in their neighbor’s gardens, and they forgot to plant them in their own. A little sweat in the fall goes a long way in the spring.

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Sow Grass Seed

Fall is a great time to improve your lawn. Seeding, along with aerating and topdressing, is one of the best things you can do for a lush, green lawn. Aeration opens up the soil and allows air, water and nutrients to better get to the root system where it is needed. Topdressing with a quality screened topsoil will create a nice seed bed for the germinating grass plants. Seeding increases the population of grass plants, which can help to squeeze our potential weeds. Most of the seed will germinate in the fall but do not worry if not all of it does. Some seed will go dormant for the winter and grow in the spring.

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RightPlantz Fall Gardening Checklist- Plant GarlicPlant Garlic

Growing garlic requires one to take the long view. Plant it now and harvest it next August. Growing garlic is easy and requires little on-going work. Do however make sure to protect the new plantings for the winter with a light layer of mulch or shredded leaves.

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Prune Out Dead Limbs

It is always the right time to remove dead limbs from plants. Dead wood is an opportunity for pests to RightPlantz Fall Gardening Checklist- Prune Out Dead Limbsinvade. Removing it and disposing of the cuttings properly is a key step in reducing season to season pest invasions.

Protect Tender Plants

If you have just planted new plants this year, or are growing plants that typically grow in a zone south of you, be sure to protect them from the winter cold. These plants have tender root systems that are important to the plant’s development and growth. If they are damaged, the plant could die or be permanently damaged. Use a light layer of mulch or better yet, shred some if those leaves you rake up with a lawn mower. What a great way to recycle!

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Plant Trees and Shrubs

Fall is an ideal time to get new shrubs and trees into the ground. Plants go through less planting shock when planted in the fall. The lower temperatures make it so much easier for them to adapt to their new home.  While the top of the plant may be sleeping the winter away, the root system is still growing so when spring hits, the plant is ready to grow.

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