Vaccinium corymbosum

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  • Common Name: Highbush blueberry
  • Plant Story:

    Who doesn't love blueberries, blueberry pie, or blueberry muffins? Vaccinium corymbosum is a bushy upright deciduous shrub, with white or pink cylindrical flowers that give way to edible blue berries. Small oval dark green leaves turn shades of red in the fall.

  • Type: Shrub Deciduous
  • Bloom Season: Spring
  • Flower Color: Pink,White
  • Planting Zone: 5-8
  • Height: 6-12 ft
  • Spread: 8-12 ft
  • Light Requirements:Part Shade
  • Suggested Uses: Fruit shrub
  • Leaf: Not available
  • Edible: NO
  • Attracts to: Birds, Butterflies,
  • Plant Deer Resistant:No
  • Plant Potential Pests:Stem blight, root rot, anthracnose, cane cankers, mildew, botrytis
  • Form: Upright
  • Special Care Instructions:

    Likes good organic mulch. Prefers cross-pollination. Prune in late winter.

Highbush blueberry - Additional Photos