Ilex glabra

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  • Common Name: Inkberry
  • Plant Story:

    This compact holly tolerates heat, drought, sun, shade and transplanting and grows exceptionally well in urban areas. A Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Gold Medal Plant Award Winner, it is pest and disease resistant. Flowers give way to jet black inkberries which mature in early fall and persist through the winter to early spring unless consumed by local birds.

  • Type: Shrub Broadleaf Evergreen
  • Bloom Season: May-June
  • Flower Color: Insignificant
  • Has Winter Interest
  • Planting Zone: 4-9
  • Height: 5-8 ft
  • Spread: 5-8 ft
  • Light Requirements:Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Suggested Uses: Shrub borders or foundation plantings
  • Leaf: Not available
  • Edible: NO
  • Attracts to: Birds,
  • Plant Deer Resistant:Yes
  • Plant Potential Pests:No serious problems
  • Is NativeEastern United States
  • Form: Not available
  • Special Care Instructions:

Inkberry - Additional Photos