Viburnum carlesii

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  • Common Name: Koreanspice Viburnum
  • Plant Story:

    One of the most gloriously fragrant shrubs known to man. The dense flower heads, which measure up to 3? across, produce white flowers from blush pink buds, and the perfume, which is a sweet, rich, spicy vanilla, carries a considerable distance across a lawn or garden. Plant one or two where you take your springtime strolls.

  • Type: Shrub Deciduous
  • Bloom Season: Spring
  • Flower Color: White
  • Planting Zone: 4-7
  • Height: 4-6 ft
  • Spread: 4-7 ft
  • Light Requirements:Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Suggested Uses: Shrub borders or foundations
  • Leaf: Not available
  • Edible: NO
  • Attracts to: Birds,
  • Plant Deer Resistant:No
  • Plant Potential Pests:No serious problems
  • Form: Not available
  • Special Care Instructions:

    Prune after flowering. Easily grown in well-drained soils in full sun or part shade.

Koreanspice Viburnum - Additional Photos