Mahonia japonica

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  • Common Name: Oregon Grape Holly
  • Plant Story:

    Dark, glossy green leaves, and a fine texture. It is evergreen, and produces fragrant yellow flower panicles in February and March. Bees and insects benefit from the blooms on warm winter days, and birds love the glaucous blue fruit in early summer.

  • Type: Shrub Broadleaf Evergreen
  • Bloom Season: Spring
  • Flower Color: Yellow
  • Has Winter Interest
  • Planting Zone: 6-8
  • Height: 5-7 ft
  • Spread: 7-10 ft
  • Light Requirements:Part Shade
  • Suggested Uses: Small grouping in part shade or shrub borders
  • Leaf: Not available
  • Edible: YES
  • Attracts to: Birds,
  • Plant Deer Resistant:No
  • Plant Potential Pests:No serious problems
  • Form: Upright
  • Special Care Instructions:

    Grown in moist soil. Grow multiple shrubs together. Remove sucks. Tolerate some drought.

Oregon Grape Holly - Additional Photos