Polystichum polyblepharum

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  • Common Name: Tassel Fern
  • Plant Story:

    An evergreen, vase-shaped fern, Polystichum polyblepharum features spreading lance-shaped dark green fronds with overlapping pinnae. New fronds are covered with golden hairs as the flip over backward to form tassels as they unfold.

  • Type: Fern Evergreen
  • Bloom Season: Non-flowering
  • Flower Color: Non-flowering
  • Has Winter Interest
  • Planting Zone: 5-8
  • Height: 1.5-2 ft
  • Spread: 1.5-2 ft
  • Light Requirements:Part Shade
  • Suggested Uses: Borders, woodland garden, or shade gardens
  • Leaf: Dark green fronds
  • Edible: NO
  • Attracts to:
  • Plant Deer Resistant:Yes
  • Plant Potential Pests:No serious problems
  • Form: Vase shaped clump
  • Special Care Instructions:

    Prefers partial shade. Plant at an angle to reduce the chance of crown rot problems.

Tassel Fern - Additional Photos