Get Ready For The Second Season!

It is time for the “second season”! There are a lot of vegetables that will grow and mature before the first frost, if you plan and act in time.

Although summer, with its hot temperatures and low precipitation, can be a rough time to start new plants if one can get the seedlings started, autumns cooler temperatures create perfect growing conditions for some of the favorite vegetables.

Get The Garden Ready

The first step to your fall harvest is to get the garden ready for a new round of planting. Remove any plants that are no longer performing well or that have succumbed to diseases. Also make sure to remove any weeds. Removing weeds now will make tending the garden later easier. As the saying goes, small weeds always become big weeds. This is also an opportunity to improve the soil by mixing in some fresh composted organic matter.

Start With Seeds

Fall plantings most often originate from seeds for two reasons.

One, it is difficult to find starter plants at this time of the year. Most garden centers and nurseries do not stock vegetable starter plants in late summer because there is just not much demand for them. It you do find starter plants, the may be left over from spring and not very healthy.

Two, by starting the fall crop from seeds, the plants become somewhat hardened off to the conditions. This is not to say that they will not still need tender loving care, but there is a better chance they will not go through as much transplant shock.

Vegetables Suited For Fall Planting

Not all vegetables are suited for fall planting. Here is a list of ones you may want to try.


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