Bring Awesome Fall Garden Color Into Your Landscape

Fall is one of the most pleasant times in the garden. Crisp air, fun holidays and, with the right plant selections, winning color in your garden.

Here are 8 plants for winning fall color.

fall garden color

Gro Low Sumac

Sumacs are a native North American shrub that offers multi-season interest. At a height of only 2’, the Gro Low Sumac is ideal for home gardens. It has brilliant orange-red fall color will make your garden glow.



fall garden color


How can you go wrong with a name like that. Include this native shrub in your landscape for a one-of-a-kind fall accent: bright purple berries that form rings around the stems.




fall garden color

Oakleaf Hydrangea

One of our favorites. This large shrub offers large colorful leaves and flower clusters that are fading to pink in the fall. The leaves turn all ranges of red to purple hues.




fall garden color


Of course! The old stand by for brilliant colors including yellow, bronze, blue, purple, orange and just about everything in between. In most mild winters, the will live through the winter to explode again in the spring.



fall garden color


This is a special shrub that you want to include in your sunny garden. Its lavender hued flowers open in late summer and fall. Bonus – the attract tons of butterflies and pollinators.



fall garden color

Russian Sage

Lets stay in the purple colors. Russian Sage is a wonderful perennial with purple blooms atop gray-green foliage. It has a wispy nature that will add energy into your garden.




fall garden color

Feather Reed Grass

One of the larger ornamental grasses at 3’ to 5’, the Karl Foerster variety is a welcome addition to any garden. This tidy, upright grass is great for tight spaces. Its clumps are topped with wheat-colored seeds in fall.



fall garden color

Sugar Maple

One of the true harbingers of fall. Bring this stunning tree into your landscape and you will get brilliant orange fall color.




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