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We founded Light Dark Landscape to combine the principles of sustainability, beauty, and restoration in the landscape. We work to fulfill the needs of our clients, whether it’s a space to enjoy a meal outdoors, increase food production, reduce erosion, add a no-mow yard, repair on-site water issues, or remove invasive species. With each individual project, Light Dark Landscape’s goal is to create naturalized systems, minimize environmental impacts, provide year-round interest for both humans and creatures, all while meeting the visual needs of our clients. We believe in creating a working culture where our employees are treated with respect and paid fairly. We work with other companies and subcontractors whose values match our own. SHANNON MCWALTERS Shannon is trained as a Landscape Architect from the University of Minnesota where she received her Master’s degree in 2009. She has been working in landscape for over 20 years, starting with organic farming and gardening, moving into community work helping residents design and implement rain gardens and alternative ways to deal with impervious surfaces; while pursuing her degree, she worked at Phillips Garden in south Minneapolis learning the tricks and trade of maintenance and installation.

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