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Stephen Coan, of Stephen Coan, LLC creates beautiful ecologically guided nature inspired gardens. He is an award winning Boutique Landscape Designer, Horticulturist, Plantsman, Consultant, Craftsman, and Artist. He exclusively designs, consults, and installs bespoke designed landscapes & nature inspired fine gardens that are timeless, memorable, and meaningful for the discerning Client.

His process starts out with a detailed questionnaire and discussions with the client to get a feel for the direction and concept of the project that then progresses into looking for any issues that might need correcting – invasive plants, drainage problems, poor soils, wind issues, water management – then moves on with the layout of the entire landscape designing the flow and feel of the landscape and the possible views bringing the visitors out and into the designed spaces then progressing into the design of the needed hardscape features - patios, walkways, outdoor living spaces, ponds, rain gardens, pergolas, gazebos, etc. - that are then followed by the nature inspired plant forward gardens that he creates.

The nature inspired gardens that he creates are beautiful, lush, have meaning, and are layered and intermingled with multi-seasons of flowering interest with overlapping flowering blooms throughout the growing seasons that attract butterflies, birds, and other pollinators and have structural interest throughout the winter. Many are based upon solar and celestial events and the passage of time using the fourth dimension in conjunction with and the reinterpretation of the new movements in garden design and ecological plantings. They are ecologically guided and environmentally friendly using sustainable green practices and water drainage management with a combination of designed hardscapes and the use of native and ornamental plant species that are site appropriate for the soil, lighting, and environmental conditions.

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