The holiday season is upon us and the same old dreaded question is jangling around in our heads; “What am I going to get for (insert loved one here)? Fear not, we have searched high and low and pretty much everywhere on-line to find the perfect gifts for your special gardener. We have something for everyone from the most ardent gardeners to those that have never put a shovel into the ground. We even found the perfect gifts for apartment dwellers. These selections will even make great gifts for….you!

Grow Your Own Tacos

Gardenuity is a company out of Dallas that has put together some really fun all-inclusive themed garden packages. Besides the Taco Topping Garden, the also have other ready to grow kits such as Mint Garden, Salad Greens, and our favorite, the Cocktail Garden. There are plenty of other interesting gifts on their website as well. Around $52 at Gardenuity.



A Gift That Makes The Cut

No true gardener should ever be far from their trusted pruners. For this task, we love the Corona hand pruners. Easy to grip, sharp blades for clean cuts and durable to last a life time. One can prune all day with these without hands getting tired. Around $20 at  Amazon.



Something Cheery To Wear

How about some cute clothing for your special gardener? Those Plant Ladies have created some really clever t-shirts and hats for women and infants. Pretty colors and catchy sayings make these shirts perfect for wearing in the garden or just around town to show your passion for greenery. Around $23 at  Those Plant Ladies. 




The Day Does Not Start Before Coffee

Do you know someone who needs coffee to get their day going? Exquitite Mugs has a perfect mug for them. They’re not just a gardener, they are a badass. Help them embrace it with this sassy coffee mug. Many other mugs with cut saving on this website as well. Priced around $15 at Amazon.  





Greenery To Your Door

Houseplants delivered to your door! Bloomscape offers a wide range of indoor plants that will brighten any home or apartment. There are plenty of choices of varieties, light requirements and sizes. Not sure how to grow your selection, ask Plant Mom, who is literally the founder’s mother! Prices range from $50 to $150 at




A Place To Record Everything

Most gardeners are avid note takers. They like to record things like what seeds they planted and how the did, when to prune particular plants, or a myriad of other worthy details that are important for them to remember. Help them do it in style with this classic log book for gardeners from Blooming Notebooks. Priced around $10 at Amazon.




Fresh Herbs Within Reach

Enjoy cooking with fresh herbs? When we say fresh, we mean really, really fresh. The Modern Sprout Eco Planter Gro Kit consists of certified organic seeds and all the components one needs to grow herbs in a perfectly balanced combination of air, water and nutrients. Price is $25 at



A Five Star Bee Hotel

Be a friend to important pollinators by giving this unique bee hotel. Made from long lasting bamboo and designed for non-stinging Mason Bees. Did you know that Mason Bees can visit as many as 1,000 blooms per day/ That’s a lot of pollinating! Cost around $20 at Amazon







Growing Better Gardeners is not just our tagline, it is our mission.

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