One of the things that makes the green industry unique and special is that it is filled with family businesses. There may be more family businesses in the green industry than perhaps any industry outside of traditional agriculture. Operating a family business can be extremely rewarding, and at times, challenging. Where does work end, and family dinner begin?

One family that has done well with this is the Kuperus family. Miles and Lisa operate Farmside Landscape & Design in Wantage, New Jersey. At one time or another, each of their four children have worked in the business. Some have moved on to other careers, others plan to stay and help grow Farmside.

In our conversation with Lisa, the one thing that really stood out was how important relationships are to them. Whether it is family, employees, customers, vendors or community, the success of Farmside is due in large part, to the relationships Miles and Lisa have built.



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 Farmside Landscape & Design of Wantage, New Jersey



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