Your Bucket List Of Things To Get Done In The Garden During July


RightPlantz July Garden GuideDead-head annuals and perennial plants to stop them self-seeding and to encourage further flowering.

Dead-head roses to keep them looking tidy. Leave the flowers in place if your rose produces attractive hips (seed pods).

Keep an eye out for pests on plants, early treatment is best. Aphids are particularly active right now.

Cut back faded perennial plants as they fade and die back. This will keep the garden tidy.

Continue to tie in and train new growth on climbing plants.

Replenish potted gardens. Replace plants that are stressing with heat loving plants such as pentas, lantana, zinnias and petunias.

Prune Wisteria now. Just remove the whippy side-shoots from the main branch framework to about 4 inches from their base (about five leaves from the main stem).

If you need to prune your deciduous Magnolia, now is the best time to do it.

Reduce mosquitoes by emptying items that may hold water such as flower pot saucers and watering cans. Plant plants that help repel mosquitoes like marigolds, basil and lavender work well.

Divide clumps of Bearded Iris now so they have time to form roots and flowers buds for next year before the cold weather arrives.

RightPlantz July Garden GuideCapture seed heads from dandelions and other weeds. Collect them before they get a chance to release their seeds and spread throughout your garden.

Plant second cropping potatoes now to give you new potatoes for Christmas. Plant your Christmas potatoes in pots or bags which can be brought under cover before the first frosts.

Train cucumber stems upwards instead of trailing over the ground, to make the most of the space available. Simply tie in their long stems to vertical wires or a wigwam of poles.

Nip off the growing tips of squash and to encourage branching.

Harvest beans, squash, beats, kalem, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants daily. Fresh always tastes better.

Pinch out tomato side shoots each week. Cut off any leaves growing below the lowest ripening fruit trusses to improve air circulation and prevent diseases.

Pick beans regularly to prevent them becoming stringy and to make room for developing pods. Leaving mature pods on the plant can prevent further flowers forming and reduce your crop.

Pot up succulents and cacti. They love the hot weather and will thrive.

If you are experiencing prolonged dry weather, set your mower blades higher to reduce stress on the grass.

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