Happy birthday to us! We made it through year one!

Okay, enough celebrating. It has been a fun year working on our venture. We’ve worked hard, met a lot of people (in person and on-line), learned more about plants and gardening, and learned about running an internet based consumer content and marketplace (fancy words for a website). But mostly, it has been fun and we are looking forward to year two.

A Little About Us

We are a father – daughter team. Tara (the daughter) is a graduate of the landscape architecture program at Virginia Tech and works full time at a nonprofit in New York City. Bruce (the dad) has run a residential landscape company in the Washington, DC suburbs for thirty years. We are both passionate about plants and gardening. Outside of the green world, along with the rest of our family (Nicole, Heather, Taylor and Nellie), we are big into fitness, especially running, preferably in the woods on trails.

Why We Started RightPlantz

The idea of RightPlantz actually came during a car ride back from Virginia Tech. We were discussing the fact that there really was no great gardening websites that are useful, easy to follow, not uber technical, and not full of fluff. So we decided to start our own and took on the mission of Growing Better Gardeners. We began taking lots of photos and writing lots of articles while the site was being created by our website developer. Before too long, the website was born. We have received lots of positive feedback in year one and some great suggestions on how to improve the site (please keep them coming).

What We Have Learned

Lesson #1

First and foremost, the gardening community is amazing. It is filled with passionate and super nice people, both professionals and non-professionals alike. Gardening is the number one pastime in the United States and it is easy to see why.

Lesson #2

Running an online business requires constant nurturing. New and fresh content is the key to growing. If we want people coming back to RightPlantz, we need to constantly be adding new plants and new articles. We have done a pretty good job of this and are committed to keeping it up.

Lesson #3

There are a lot of plants out there. Having been in the green industry for over thirty years and having a degree in horticulture, one would have thought you knew just about all the plants out there. Not even close. It has been a great time exploring botanical gardens and nurseries with a new focus. Of course, as fast as we are taking pictures and cataloging plants, the growers are introducing new ones. At least we will always have new plants to introduce to our users.

Lesson #4

What you originally thought was a good idea may not be. One of our original ideas was to showcase landscape professional’s work in a gallery. Sounds like a good idea, right? What we learned is that landscapers are incredibly busy people and do not have time to post these pictures. With no traction, this idea was scratched after a while.

Lesson #5

When one door closes, another opens. Once we scratched the gallery idea, a landscape friend suggested a vendor directory. The Vendor Directory has been a robust way for us to attract professional green industry professionals into the RightPlantz community, lending their years of garden knowledge to our users.

What a difference a year can make. We are so thankful to everyone who has used RightPlantz and a fired up about what lays ahead. Garden On!


Growing Better Gardeners is not just our tagline, it is our mission.

Whether you are a novice gardener or an expert, RightPlantz.com is packed with useful and clear information to help you be a better gardener. Clear, concise and easy to follow information is at your fingertips through our Plant Finder, Learning Center and Gardener’s Forum. In addition, we are cultivating the green industry’s best and brightest vendors to help you create the gardens of your dreams, whether you plan to do-it-yourself or seek help from a pro. All too often we hear from people that gardening can be intimidating. We want to change that. Gardening should be fun and relaxing. Our vision is to make RightPlantz the most comprehensive garden site out there.