Social Media Tips To Grow Your Green Industry Business

Social media is an inexpensive (free) and easy way to push your company’s name out in the general public and gain name recognition. It is also a great way to show the “human” side of your business; your people, company events, tell stories. The downside, it can eat up some time if you are not careful, something that is in short supply in our work lives. Nonetheless, social media is a good tool to use whether your company is young and fledgling or has been established for some time.

Use these 10 tips to either dip your toes in the social media world or to improve upon what you are already doing.

1. Choose The Appropriate Platforms

There are a lot of social media platforms and more showing up almost on a daily basis. Trying to post to too many of them can become a real time suck and is probably not effective anyway. Choose one or two to begin with and do a really good job with them. Also, make sure they are the correct networks for who you want to reach. Pinterest is the best for blogs. Facebook and Twitter are best for general updates. Facebook is the easiest to invite your friends to. Instagram is the best for pictures. If you are B2B, LinkedIn is an ideal platform.

2. Be Consistent

Consistently pushing content out is key to growing an audience of followers.

Remember when you were a kid and the ice cream truck came everyday at 3:30pm (at least where I grew up), but then one day it came at 2:00 pm, the next at 4:15 pm? His appearances became sporadic and unreliable. You could never truly know when to expect him and looking forward to his visits became difficult. The same thing is true with your audience. If you post three times per week consistently, and then all of a sudden, a month passes, all the traction you worked hard for is lost.

“Consistency is incredibly important. It’s making an appointment with your audience. They may not always show up, but if they do you want to be there when they’ve come to expect you”, says Jeff Korhan, a social and marketing consultant who works closely with many green industry customers.

Side note: I still love Good Humor chocolate eclairs.

3. Know Your Audience

Who are you speaking to? Customers? Prospects? Friends? All of the above? Make sure your content is appropriate for the audience. If your site is a business site, interjecting a little personal information is alright, just keep it tame. Maybe do not post those pictures from the bar last Saturday night. One other note; maybe it is best to keep politics off of a business social media site.

4. Tell The Human Side

Like it or not, we are all humans and we relate to humans on a personal level. Share employee successes and good works. It is okay to show the personal side of your business and team. Korhan adds, “You can’t go wrong telling or showing feel good stories. Photos of clients happily observing crews hard at work transforming a property are gold”

People love a good story. Tell it to them.

5. Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags

Using hashtags allows people to find posts on subjects they are interested in seeing. #landscapes will attract people looking for that particular hashtag. Using several hashtags at the end of a post can attract a wide variety of people. #landscapes #outdoorliving #garden. is a fantastic site that will generate hashtags free for you.

6. Show Off Your Work

You and your company do brilliant work. Be proud and show the world. Your customers and prospects really do want to see what you are capable of. Learn how to shoot great photos. Try different angles, up close, far away, and, if funds allow, purchase a drone to shoot down on your projects. A picture is worth a thousand words (although words matter too).

7. Use Resources

There are so many free or near free resources at your disposal to help your posts look incredible. Use Canva to easily create amazing graphics. With their built-in templates, you are just a few clicks away from professional looking posts. Pixaby is loaded with royalty-free photographs in just about every category imaginable.

8. Create A Calendar

Using an editorial calendar allows you to plan ahead so there is no scrambling at the last minute to create a good post. What holidays are coming up? Create a 4th of July post and have it ready to go. Man’s Best Friend Day?

According to Korhan, the editorial (marketing) calendar supports your core marketing message. That message is who, what, where, why and how your business makes people’s lives better. Consider different editorial themes for each month that are designed to get people thinking about upcoming seasonal activities. Those monthly themes are like chapters of a book that work together to deliver an overall core (brand) message or story.

9. Use Scheduling Tools

Now that you have a solid editorial calendar set up, use one of the handy scheduling tools (also free or near-free) to have a week’s worth of posts all queud up set to post. Buffer and Hootsuite are two of the easiest and most popular to use. Facebook, twitter and pinterest let you plan out your schedule (use Latergram for Instragram).

10. Like And Share Often

Be a good social media sharer. Your goal is to get people to notice your posts, like them and share them. Your “friend’s” goal is the same. Help them get traction and they will help you. Like and share their post liberally, assuming they are appropriate.

Korhan adds, “Always have the mindset that you are contributing value by sharing what’s interesting, useful, or entertaining. These are social networks, so give people something they can talk about. If you do, you’ll encourage comments and …. Oh wow, now they are talking about your landscaping business!”

Jeff Korhan is the host of two podcast shows, the bestselling author of Built-In Social, and the founder of Landscape Digital Institute. His website is


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