The Many Ways To Use Eggshells In The Garden

The Benefits Of Eggshells In The GardenThere is no point in walking on eggshells around this topic. Sorry, could not resist. Bad pun aside, eggshells have several benefits for your garden. So, while the eggs are good for you, the shells (which come free with the eggs by the way) are good for your garden.

Eggshells In The Garden Add Calcium

Calcium is a secondary nutrient for plants but it is still necessary for health and proper growth. Adding calcium can especially help peppers and tomatoes, which are often calcium deficient. Adding eggshells to the garden is easy. Simply add them to your compost or spread the eggshells over your garden during the winter. They breakdown quickly and can either be mixed into the compost or tilled into the soil in the spring.

Eggshells In The Garden Can Deter Some Pests

Crumpled up eggshells can deter snails and slugs. Because of their soft bodies, snails and slugs cannot cross over a barrier with sharp edges. Sprinkle coarsely crumpled up eggshells around plants that are typically targeted by snail and slugs. Your plants will thank you.

The Benefits Of Eggshells In The GardenEggshells In The Garden As Starter Plant Pots

Eggshells can make a nifty starter plant pot. When cooking eggs, carefully remove only the top portion of the eggshell. Clean the remaining eggshell thoroughly with soap and water. Gently fill the eggshell potting soil and a seed. Once the new plant is strong enough, plant it with the eggshell directly into the garden. The eggshell will decompose and provide nutrients for the young plant. The empty egg carton makes a great tray for the starter eggshell pots.

Eggshells In The Garden For The Birds

Crush up eggshells and leave them outside for birds. Female birds require extra calcium when they are getting ready to lay their own eggs. They will appreciate it.

Using eggshells in the garden is a great boost to your recycling effort. Not only are you keeping them out of the waste stream, they are being put to good use.


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