Final RightPlantz Report Of 2018

Garden TrendsEach month we provide green industry professionals with a summary of the hot garden trends being searched by garden consumers on This information can be a valuable peak into what plants and topics are hot, guiding green industry purchasers and marketers to what plants to stock, what services to offer and what subjects to push out in blogs and social media.

We proudly present the top garden trends and plants that were searched on RightPlantz in 2018:

Top 10 RightPlantz Blog Posts of 2018

1. Plants That Repel Mosquitoes
2. When To Prune Hydrangeas
3. How To Deadhead Roses
4. 23 Really Interesting Plants That Deer Do Not Eat
5. How To Control Weeds In Your Garden
6. Tara’s Plant Pick – Crape Myrtle
7. What To Do In The Garden In May
8. 8 Great Perennials Deer Do Not Eat
9. What To Do In The Garden In June
10. Solutions For Planting Under Trees

Top 10 Plants Searched On RightPlantz In 2018

1. Cercis canadensis ‘Ruby Falls’
2. Euonymus alatus
3. Abelia x grandiflora ‘Mardi Gras’
4. Rudbeckia hirta
5. Lagerstroemia indica ‘Tuscarora’
6. Acer griseum
7. Abelmoschus esculentus
8. Lagerstroemia ‘Pocomoke’
9. Hydrangea ‘Preziosa’
10. Daphne odora

How To Use This Information

There is a lot of valuable information and consumer data in this report and many ways to use it. In fact, there is so much potential opportunity here that we will demonstrate how to use only one subject as an example: Plants That Repel Mosquitoes.

Garden Center – Stock the plants listed in this article, create a table of plants that repel mosquitoes. Hold a class for customers on how to most effectively use these plants in their gardens.

Landscape Contractor & Lawn Care  – Design flower pot layouts for customer’s patios that contain plants that repel mosquitoes.

Landscape Architects and Designers – Design plantings around patios using plants that repel mosquitoes.

Look for The RightPlantz Report monthly for more information of what is hot in gardening.


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