Our RightPlantz January Garden Guide:

The RightPlantz January Garden Guide is all about taking stock of your garden and setting your garden goals for the season ahead. Take a good look at the plants in your garden. How do they look? Do any of them need to be replace? How did your vegetables do this past year? Is it time to study some new varieties to try? 

  • Prune rose bushes down to 24”-30” now while they are dormant. They can be pruned down further closer to spring. Cut back to just above a bud and remove any crossing or dead branches.
  • RightPlantz January Garden GuidePrune your Wisteria plant now, cutting back summer side-shoots to 2 or 3 buds.
  • Check outdoor plants for animal damage. Protect them with some type of covering such as wire fencing or burlap.
  • If ornamental grasses are looking tattered, cut back the old foliage to near ground level before new growth begins.
  • Cut back any stems of perennials such as Sedum or Echinacea.
  • Remove Helleborus leaves. This will make new flowers more visible when they emerge.
  • While you’re waiting for the weather to warm up, try growing your own mushrooms using one of our mushroom kits indoors.
  • Start sprouting early potatoes – stand them on end in a module tray or egg box and place in a bright cool frost-free place.
  • Begin pruning your apple trees and pear trees if you haven’t done so already – this is best done while they are dormant.
  • Order fruit bushes now and plant in a well prepared bed in a sheltered position; they will be a lot tastier than grocery store produce!
  • Peruse the seed catalogues to see if there are new, hardier vegetable varieties available. 
  • If you grew any cabbage family plants (brussels sprouts, kale, radishes, etc.) under protection, they are probably ready to harvest.
  • If there are some bare spots in your lawn, try putting down some seed and straw. You will be surprised how much of it will germinate even in colder seasons.
  • Plant Amaryllis bulbs in pots now for stunning indoor flowers in early spring.
  • Brush heavy snow of off hedges and conifers to prevent the branches from snapping out under its weight.
  • Feed the birds and provide them with some unfrozen water. While you’re at it, toss out some corn or peanuts for the squirrels, too.
  • Get rid of slimy patches on the patio and paving by scrubbing with a broom or blasting with a pressure washer.
  • Order your seeds now. Have a garden plan drawn up to help decide the quantities you need.
  • Plan your vegetable plot for this year to ensure good crop rotation and prevent pests and diseases building up in the soil.


What’s Blooming In January:

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