Here Is Your November Garden To Do List

There is still time to plant spring bulbs; daffodils, tulips, crocus, allium and more.

Deer are looking for food. Use deer repellents now to train them to stay away from your plants.

This is an ideal time to plant deciduous trees and shrubs.

Gather up fallen leaves from around the base of rose bushes which suffered from black spot or rust this summer to reduce the chance of infection next year.

Dig up and store dahlia tubers, begonias and gladiolus corms to store dry over the winter months. Remove the dead foliage before storing.

Cut back the yellowing foliage of herbaceous perennials and divide overcrowded clumps to maintain their vigor.

Divide mature clumps of rhubarb once they are dormant.

If you have access to fresh manure, now is the time to spread it across the surface of your vegetable beds to rot down over winter.

Build a raised bed to take the bending out of vegetable growing.

Stake top-heavy brassicas and draw up some soil around the base of the stem to prevent wind rocking the plant and causing damage to the roots.

Plant raspberry canes now for a delicious homegrown crop.

Tidy up your strawberry plants – cut off any dead leaves and remove runners.

If you haven’t already aerated your lawn, there’s still time to do it before winter sets in.

Continue to clear fallen leaves off the lawn to keep it healthy.


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