Timely Garden Tips For November

  • Gather up fallen leaves from around the base of rose bushes which suffered from blackspot or rust this summer, to reduce the chance of infection next year.
  • Cut back the yellowing foliage of herbaceous perennials, and lift and divide overcrowded clumps to maintain their vigor.
  • There’s still time to plant daffodil, tulip and other spring bulbs and other spring flowering bulbs for a magnificent start to next years display.
  • Divide mature clumps of rhubarb once they are dormant.
  • Prepare a bed for planting autumn garlic. Improve heavy soils with organic matter before planting.
  • If you have access to fresh manure, now is the time to spread it across the surface of your vegetable beds to rot down over winter.
  • Stake top-heavy brassicas and draw up some soil around the base of the stem to prevent wind rocking the plant and causing damage to the roots.
  • Tidy up your strawberry plants – cut off any dead leaves and remove runners.
  • Continue to clear fallen leaves off the lawn to keep it healthy.
  • If you haven’t already aerated your lawn, there’s still time to do it before winter sets in. You can use either a lawn aerator or simply insert a garden fork at regular intervals and lean it back slightly to let air in.
  • Create compost bins for collecting fallen leaves and dead plant material.
  • Net ponds to prevent leaves falling into them. If you need to clear pond weed lay it next to the pond for a day to allow wildlife to escape back to the water.
  • Raise pots off the ground for the winter by using bricks or ‘pot feet’, to prevent waterlogging.
  • Invest in bird baths and bird feeders this autumn. Birds are gardeners friends and will keep pest numbers down.


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