Here Is Your October Garden To Do List

Plant daffodil bulbs, tulip bulbs and Allium bulbs for a beautiful spring display.

Plant bareroot ornamental trees and shrubs.

If your summer containers are looking past their prime, re-plant them with fresh fall plants and interesting branches and gourds.

This is an ideal time to transplant trees and shrubs.

Prune climbing roses once they’ve finished flowering and tie in the stems before autumn winds cause damage.

Clear up fallen rose leaves to prevent diseases such as black spot from over-wintering – do not compost the leaves.

Cut back perennial plants that have died down or alternatively leave the dead foliage in place for over-wintering wildlife.

Lift and divide any overcrowded herbaceous perennials while the soil is still warm.

After tidying borders, apply mulch or shredded leaves to insulate plant roots for the winter and keep weed growth in check.

Finish harvesting beans and peas. Cut the plant away at ground level, leaving the roots in the soil. These crops fix nitrogen which is slowly released into the soil as the roots break down.

If you plan to grow beans next year, start preparing the site by digging trenches and filling with manure or kitchen waste.

Harvest squashes and pumpkins before the first frosts. They will quickly turn mushy if left outside!

Any plants with green tomatoes or peppers remaining can be hung upside down indoors to ripen.

Protect autumn cauliflower heads from frost by wrapping the outer leaves around them and securing with string.

Continue to plant autumn garlic bulbs now for a bumper crop next summer.

Cut back yellowing asparagus foliage to within 3 inches of the ground.

Clear up fallen leaves regularly to allow light to the grass.

Create compost bins for collecting fallen leaves and dead plant material.

Invest in bird baths and bird feeders this autumn. Birds are gardeners friends and will keep pest numbers down.


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