Spring Bulb Boom Times


Sometimes planting spring bulbs feels like one of those old ketchup commercials. Anticipation. At some point between last September and December, you selected and ordered bulbs, prepared the soil, dug holes, planted the bulbs, and most likely applied mulch or leafmold over the area to protect them from the elements. And you waited. And waited. All winter.

Bulbs are amazing things. How can something so bland produce something so grand as tulips, daffodils and the other stunning spring blooms? It can be frustrating waiting all winter to see if the fruits of your labor will even closely resemble the photos in the catalogs.

The wonderful thing about spring bulbs is that there are so many varieties that it is possible to stretch the bloom season all the way from very early spring to early summer.

Knowing when to expect your bulbs to bloom helps quell the inner second-guessing. With that in mind, we have prepared the following infographic to help ease the anticipation and also to help plan next fall’s planting.

Spring Bulb Chart

Bulbs that bloom in the early spring:






Bulbs that bloom mid-spring:

Fritillaria Imperialis

Fritillaria Imperialis






Bulbs that bloom late spring:







When Will My Spring Bulbs Bloom?  

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